WordPress are Killing Competition and Leading the CMS World to New Pastures.

Whereas in the past WordPress was once considered to be purely used for blogging platforms, today its full potential is finally being unlocked. Through a process of constant evolution, WordPress has emerged as a fantastic content management system that is versatile and robust enough to support a whole range of high quality websites. Because WordPress is so flexible it is now responsible for powering almost a quarter of all websites on the internet and it is actually the content management system of choice for major brands like Facebook, Google, Disney and eBay. It’s easy to see therefore that if you choose WordPress for your web design you will be in good company. So why is it that makes WordPress so good for web design? This article looks at the benefits you can obtain from opting for this content management system over any others.
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Free To Use
WordPress is open source software, which means that there is no need to pay a licence or registration fee to use the product. For developers this is good news as it means that anyone can modify or tinker with its source code and for everyone else without technology skills it is still good news as it means that there are many variations to choose from and lots of community support for any problems that may arise. WordPress is not only free to download and use but it also offers almost 3000 different themes and over 30,000 plug-ins completely free of charge to users.
Even for those who are new to the world of web design, WordPress is a breeze to use. In fact the majority of people who use WordPress to create their websites have no prior experience of web design. Take a local business like Western Counselling Addition Services, or a national business enterprise like that of BMSUK Marine Surveyors. Each business has leveraged the use of WordPress for ease of use for their employees and indeed, customers and clients too. Its user friendly interface means that you can easily navigate your way to creating a high quality home page and if you encounter any problems there is plenty of online support available. It is also really easy to keep your WordPress powered site up to date as you will automatically be notified of new versions and be able to update them by the touch of a button from our admin dashboard.
One of the greatest advantages to choosing WordPress is that it can easily allow your website to be customised to your own specifications. With so many themes to select from it is easy to find out that matches your business concept and without the need to write any HTML code at all you can select different colours, backgrounds and even add your own logo.
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SEO Friendly
The importance of SEO is now being realised but you can rest assured that when you choose WordPress you are opting for a CMS which is already attractive to search engines. You can make your site even more SEO friendly by using an SEO plug-in for WordPress.

If you want to include various types of media to improve the look of your website this is possible using WordPress. With its built-in support you can embed any videos, audio or images that are required to create your perfect home page.

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Incredibly flexible, WordPress can accommodate almost any type of website that you have in mind. That means that no matter what your business type you can still use this CMS to run your site. From e-commerce operations to galleries and from blogs to membership sites, WordPress can handle them all.