The Web: Your Business Everywhere

In today’s modern business age, it has become more important than ever for businesses to have a strong online presence. Every company worth its salt offers a website design to allow customers to find out more about their company, make enquiries and sell their product more conveniently. A high street shop is no longer the best way to make sales, with more and more people turning to the internet for research and purchasing purposes.

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Merely having business websites is no longer enough, however. People expect high quality content and they want an exciting and user friendly customer experience. If clients cannot access a website easily or find what they are looking for with ease, they will simply look elsewhere. Therefore, a high quality website is key to maximising your company’s sales. Your web page must be more than simply a fount of information about your product, it must actively convert leads to customers.

So what is the best way to do this? Many companies struggle with website optimisation and although they are able to glean customer information and details, they find it challenging to convert leads to customers, which is the point of all business websites. Here is an online expert guide to SEO and how to turn your website traffic into paying customers.

Making Your Business Look Good
For both national and local business websites, making your company look good is an effective way to turn passing traffic into clients. The more others think that your company is successful and popular, the more they are likely to choose your firm. So how can you go about doing this?

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Firstly, list any awards you may have won, or display prominently the logos of companies that you are linked to. These inspire confidence in your business in the minds of potential clients and makes your company more appealing.

Showing a counter that shows how many people have used your services, visited your home page or bought your product in the last week or month encourages others to copy them and do the same. People love to follow where others lead.

Adding a testimonials section to your webpage is also confidence inspiring. People want to know your company is trustworthy and your product is reliable so reading testimonials from other customers helps to convince them that your company is the best and the right choice for them.

In these days of mobile browsing, speed is the key. If your page takes forever to load, customers will simply navigate away from your page and on to a fast loading site. Streamline your page and optimise it for mobile browsing. This means limiting drop down menus, making content easy to navigate and call to action buttons large enough for easy mobile screen access. Limit the content on your homepage and either optimise your graphics for mobile browsers or reduce the size of your images to make page loading faster. By limiting plug-ins and video graphics, your site will load exponentially faster and more customers will stay on your page for longer making them more likely to turn into paying customers.

Customers want and expect high quality content so you need to think hard about what you are putting out there. Make it relevant to your customers, especially if you are a local business. Strike a good balance between the hard sell and informative content – customers do not want to be bombarded with a strong sales pitch at every turn. If your page is not considered to be high enough quality, Google’s algorithms won’t allow it high status in its rankings. If necessary, take expert advice about SEM (search engine marketing) as it is vital to securing maximum internet traffic for your site.

Whatever your content, you must ensure you consider SEO. Without search engine optimisation, your site will never succeed in climbing Google’s search engine rankings. If your page can’t be found, your customers will not be able to access it, let alone become paying customers. Google’s algorithms scan for features such as keywords, html tags and high quality links to your webpage so you must plan and write your content with SEO in mind if you want to be on the first page when people search for your product. If you are a local business, bear local SEO considerations in mind and make sure your company can be found on Google Maps. Whether you have a local or national business, look at national SEO considerations such as creating YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Google+ accounts to generate quality links to your page. If you feel you need an online expert to assist you with SEO on your website, look for an SEO agency. An SEO agency specialises in professional website optimisation and ensure as high a percentage as possible of web traffic is converted to sales.

Online Customer Experience
Visitors to your webpage are more likely to turn into customers if you offer them a fantastic customer experience. Make sure your support team are easily contactable, with clearly displayed phone numbers and email addresses and an online chat facility if possible. Offer discounts, freebies or special offers as rewards for leaving their details, making an enquiry or a purchase and offer multiple options for payment such as PayPal to appeal to customers’ sense of convenience.

These helpful tips should assist you in optimising your company’s website for maximum sales potential. Converting traffic to sales is not rocket science and following this handy guide should greatly increase the success of your company’s webpages.