How to Start an Online Business [The Basics]

How to Start an Online Business [The Basics]How to Start an Online Business Starting an Online Business can be intimidating. There are a lot of questions to answer, like:

How Do I Get My Business Online?
Where Can I Buy a Domain Name?
How Do Get Website Hosting?
Will I Be Able to Take Credit Card Payments Online?
How Can I Market My Online Business?
Is It Possible to Get My Online Business In Google?
How Can My Business Rank on the First Page of Google?
Should I Pay For Online Advertising?

It can be very intimidating for someone who has never had a website, online business or an online presence before. The advice in this video is meant to help you get a grasp on some of the basics and translate your typical physical business practices into the digital world so that you can understand them more easily.

If you have questions or need help starting your online business, feel free to reach out to me!

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24 thoughts on “How to Start an Online Business [The Basics]”

  1. I’m clueless about getting the merchandise for my online, dropship, theme
    store. I’ve done all the legal work, but searching out the specific
    products, that’s a whole new ball game. Any suggestions?

  2. hey roberto, im 14 and i have been doing graphic design for about 4 years
    now and i want to start actually making some money from this so i could buy
    a new computer to create better stuff without problems. Could you do a
    video on how to get clients as a young graphic design, it would really
    help, thanks.

  3. Good video like always Roberto. I’m hoping you make a video talking about
    which alternative you can use for not coder designer like me. I’m soon
    planning to create my own website so I was thinking to start easy not to
    overwhelm myself. I been looking into Wix, WordPress, and squarespace site
    to get my art going. I don’t know if they support godaddy and such At the
    moment. I will have to check it out as I go.

    PS: I am stuck at jury duty for 2 weeks and I haven’t the time to get
    around my ideas.

  4. How to Start an Online Business (The Basics)
    Where to find Web Hosting and Why You Need It.
    How Can I Get My Website In Google?
    Should I Pay for Online Advertising?
    Do I Really Need a Dedicated Server?

    I answer these questions and more in this video!
    If you still have questions feel free to reach out to me.

  5. Just remember SEO is not cheap if you do it wrong! Don’t ever pay for, “Pay
    Per Click!” You can blow through thousands, and get no return on your

  6. Hi Roberto,
    I have an online website/business that has free hosting with
    So my website address looks like

    When trying to get customers to check out , and hopefully become clients, a
    website is it better to pay for a domain and hosting….or does free
    services work just as well?
    I feel like I’m having a hard time converting visitors into hopeful
    clients. I’m not sure if they’re just not impressed with my portfolio work
    on my website, or if I’m not marketing my website correctly, or people are
    having a hard time searching for my website?

  7. Can you make a video where you tell what type of screens that is best for
    designing, example curved screen and more?


  8. I love your videos! They’re definitely awesome, and I always learn so much.
    Would you consider doing a WordPress tutorial?

  9. Hi lately I’ve been having trouble with copyright and images. Could you run
    through a couple of basic copyright laws regarding images? Also I have seen
    famous Internet personalities use copyright images on their channel art and
    they some how do not get caught. I simply don’t understand. Thanks. 

  10. Hi Roberto, I use to be a web master and anyone who knows about social
    media, creating web pages, and networking knows the tricks to get a site to
    come on the first page. We don’t always share those secrets and sometimes
    the tactics used are not always nice (you know what I mean). But as
    business goes things are not always fair or nice. Those who know the tricks
    use them and those who don’t pay those who do. 

  11. Hey Roberto, If i choose to sign up with 1&1, do I have to use one of the
    website builders like joomla, wordpress, etc OR can I still create my
    website from scratch using HTML and a FTP program? I really need to know
    this before i sign up. Thanks!

  12. Over the last year I have been making channel art for people. Mostly for
    people who aren’t getting paid for YouTube, but sometimes I do it for
    people who are. That’s commercial use right? I was just worried I would get
    copyright strikes for giving people art with gaming characters etc on them
    or the user I was creating it for would. Sometimes the images are created
    by me and sometimes they are from the Internet. I saw everyone else have
    characters from the Internet on their art, so I assumed it was ok.

  13. That’s awesome! One simple answer to end all this misery 😀 thanks again.
    Does this mean I can have pictures from the Internet on my art? Sorry for
    all my questions… 

  14. Hey Roberto, one major barrier for me going back to freelance is the fact
    that I’ll be working from my bedroom. Now my bedroom is nice and all but
    being at home for long periods of time is not ideal

    to produce my best work I need to be in a creative, productive atmosphere.
    The very act of going somewhere to work makes me feel like im still a part
    of society. Having my own domain to work in reinforces that im there for a
    solitary purpose, to get work done

    have any ideas? There’s coworking spaces in downtown houston, the commute
    would be kind of insane though. I’ve thought about using the library,
    possibly a coffee shop. Having a space that I rent or own would be best
    though, that way I could arrange the space to my liking


  15. Maricopa, Pima, Pinal, Yuma #countiesinArizona sorry couldn’t help it
    being from Arizona lol. Good video as always. Yea I hear that all the time
    I want to be on the first page of Google rather than just drop to floor
    laughing I will refer them to this video.

  16. Thank you for answering my question. Well roberto im still thinking. I dont
    know what to do jet but your video helped alot. Keep up the good work my
    good sir

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